Public Health and Society

Guided by dedicated university students, researchers, and professionals who understand the significance of public health in a rapidly changing society, the Department of Public Health and Society stands as a crucial pillar within Operation Twelve. We are steadfast in our mission to broaden the understanding of health disparities, societal influences on well-being, and the promotion of health equity, especially in underprivileged settings, emphasizing the Middle-Eastern context. By delving deep into the multifaceted domains of public health—ranging from epidemiology, biostatistics, to social and behavioral sciences—we are committed to immersing university students in meaningful research initiatives. Our aim is to offer valuable insights to inform health policies and practices, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life have access to essential health services. We are steadfast in creating an environment where innovation flourishes, knowledge is shared, and impactful changes are brought about in the broader community. Furthermore, we actively nurture networking avenues and mentorship programs, empowering the next generation of public health professionals and researchers. These initiatives ensure they acquire knowledge tailored to their specific interests, all within the encompassing realm of public health and societal studies.



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